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Under menu item Services and Request for Quotation, you select the group that suits you. After selecting the service (for example: Removal) you will find a detailed description and useful information on transport. You can submit your request by clicking on the Request for Quotation button in the top right corner. Please fill in all the fields as much detailed and accurate information as possible!

After submitting the Request for Quotation, you will receive a reply message with the final shipping charges and a suggested date. (We may revise the charges/price based on non-real parameters!) It is then your decision whether you accept our offer. If you find the conditions suitable and accept them, you will need to fill in a few more details (e.g. exact address). Then all you have to do is wait for the driver to pick up the product from you.

Each order is given a unique serial number. You will be sent this automatically if you have accepted your order.

When requesting a quotation, you can choose how you want to pay. (Delivery time and payment)

Here you can choose the payment method and currency that suits you: Prepayment, On dispatch, On delivery, EUR, HUF.

The delivery time is different in each case. In the Request for Quotation, you can specify the time interval that suits you best. However, we cannot guarantee this time interval in all cases. We will review it and make a proposal to you after you submit your request for quotation.

Yes, you will always be notified by email or phone in all cases. We usually give you 2 days' notice before delivery (with a 2-hour interval). But if you have any questions about the delivery date, you can email us at

Our delivery areas: Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and of course Hungary.  If the area you need is not listed here, please contact us by email or phone. You can indicate your delivery needs in the Services and Request for Quotation section.

Our services include: Removals, parcel delivery, IKEA home delivery, pallet delivery, motorbike/bicycle delivery, furniture delivery. If your needs are not listed here, please contact us by email or phone.

Yes, delivery will be provided from the given pick-up address to the given drop-off address. Warning!
Basically, we provide normal transportation (Transport to the first closed door/gate, the driver needs help with heavy and bulky items).
We provide you with assistance with loading on request (Please note that the drivers travel alone). You can indicate this at the Request for Quotation.

Yes, we can only perform the transportation if the consignment is properly and securely packaged. When picking up the consignment, the driver will check the packaging. Please pay attention to safe packaging. It is recommended that you indicate the order number and the name and telephone number of the consignor and consignee on the consignment.
You also have the option to have your consignment packaged by us.

CMR - Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR Convention), which the Forwarder takes out for their means of transport.

Within its scope, the insured goods are protected from the time of picking-up the goods awaiting transport until delivery to the consignee, i.e. unloading. The cover extends to partial damage, deterioration or loss of the goods. The insurance calculates the compensation based on the weight and the extent of the damage.

Value: 8.33 SDR/gross kg. (The SDR is an artificially created currency. 8.33 SDR is equivalent to about 9-10 EUR, or about 3,600 HUF/gross kg, depending on world currency movements.)

Naturally, we have this insurance too.

If the value of the product or object to be transported is higher than the value covered by the CMR insurance, a separate cargo insurance policy must be taken out. That's the job of the client, but we can help with that too.

You can easily calculate it yourself. The shipping charge is made up of 2 items: Shipping charge = Delivery Zone Prices + Shipment value surcharge

You can find these on the IKEA Home delivery tab.

Please note that the charges calculated in this way are indicative!

The overall size of the product (especially in the case of furniture transport) guarantees the manageability of the products to be transported:

Overall size:

The overall size of the packages must not exceed 3 metres.

Overall size = 2 x height + 2 x width + 1 x length.

Goods up to 250cm in length can be sent.

Length: min. 10 cm – max. 250 cm

Height: min. 15 cm – max. 60 cm

Width: min. 5 cm – max. 80 cm

Preferably your bicycle should be transported in factory or similar packaging. Your bicycle should be transported in a way to protect the vulnerable parts. For example: removal of pedals, turning the handlebars parallel to the frame, etc. You can use foil, cardboard, textiles for the packaging.

It is rare that a factory-packaged motorbike is transported, so great care is needed to package and protect motorbikes of often high value during transportation. Motorbikes are not normally “packaged” so the use of a tarpaulin cover is recommended. This is available in almost all DIY and motorcycle shops. Protect the fragile, sensitive parts, the polishing with a separate stretch film. Drain the engine fluids! Hand over the motorbike keys so that the steering lock can be released when the motorbike is moved or secured. During loading and unloading make sure you provide help because the driver is usually alone. Hand over the documents of the motorbike for the transportation to avoid a lot of inconvenience.

This is for the type of product that is worth transporting in large quantities, on pallets for easier loading/unloading or transportation. For example: transport of piece goods, finished products, building materials, motor vehicles (motorcycles).

Removals, where a large quantity of boxes is handled, for example do not qualify as palletized transportation even if the space taken up by the boxes on the vehicle is compared to “pallet size” (EU pallet area: 80 x 120 cm) in the offer phase.  Palletized transportation implies mechanical material handling.